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About APEX-Human Capital Index

APEX-The Aventus Partners Human Capital Index is an analytical tool that measures the value of human capital or talent pool in order to help service sector organizations analyze their talent capabilities and various other critical and at times hidden aspects of human capital. The tool can be useful to the following groups of professionals:

APEX-Human Capital Index uses various parameters to analyze the organizational human capital value. To measure an organizations’ human capital value, we need two or more consecutive years of data for that specific organization. To compare an organization with other organizations of same industry we need the same year’s data for both the organizations.

APEX Human Capital Index consists of a set of human capital ratios and financial ratios. Human Capital related ratios make 2/3rd part while financial ratios make 1/3rd part of the total index. Ratios are measured on a scale. The range of a scale is based on the importance of ratio to index, which is why rating points on a scale varies from ratio to ratio.

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